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Crhymes joined forces with Sicko Records in 2003, appearing on multiple tracks and gaining contacts and exposure. Citing creative differences, Crhymes left Sicko to concentrate on Everkrimes with Ricardo "Everest" Ortiz and Tha COR with Brandon "BGinus" Guaderrama.

2005 saw his involvement in the founding of Internet Rap Radio station In 2007, Tha COR released "The Next Level of This" featuring Keak Da Sneak on the hit track "Do My Thang". In 2008, Crhymes began colaborating with idols and Grammy/American Music Award Winners Bone Thugs n Harmony.

"One Breath Closer" Crhymes first solo effort, which featured Bizzy Bone was released April 2010. Crhymes was also invited to be a part of the "Latin Lockdown 2010 Tour" where he opened up for Chicano Rap Legends Lil Uno, Lil Rob, Kid Frost & Lighter Shade of Brown and many more.

Crhymes then went on to to do a duo headling spot on the "Xplicit Crhyme Payz Mini Tour" in May of 2010 with long time friend and fellow artist Lady Xplicit. They blazed their way thoughout Arizona, New Mexico and ending in California.

Oct.-Nov. 2010 Crhymes began hosting friday nights Lydias Cafe Located in Imperial Beach as Club DagoSD. There we would do a weekly concert showcase with acts such as Keak da Sneak, D-Lo, Kafani and as well as many well known San Diego Local Talent.

2011 started off with 2 shows in Los Angeles. One was in Arcadia, were Crhymes opened up for Jayo Felony and the other Near Downtown L.A. were he opened up for The Beat Junkies and BoBo of Cypress hill.

Another tour in 2011, The Self made-Self-Paid World Tour with Lady Xplicit, kicked off Oct. 14th 2011 in Arizona.

2011 also saw the release of his latest full length L.P. "Evolution of Crhymes", which was produced by Evolve One with features from San Quinn, Caine of The Life Records, Black Mikey, Young Gee, Big Ev and more.

You can also currenty catch Crhymes on the 2012 Latin Lockdown Tour in a city near you. Never one to not work hard while the buzz is going, This year saw the emergence of Crhymes very own record label "Crhyme Mate Entertainment" and the re-partnering of Sicko Records. He signed 3 artist unto his label, two from San Diego (Big Ev & Thee Husstle) and one from the United Kingdom (Shakezpeare). CME is steady working hard to drop many projects in the coming months, Including a group compilation mixtape and solo albums from each Artist on the camp. Be on the look out for Crhymes and his fresh new team. They will be making alotta noise. Can you #CME now?


2003: Lil One presents Keep It Clean
2003: Youngstah - Diggy the Great
2003: Tha Sicko Camp - Loading up the Muskets
2003: Tha Sicko Camp - Los Enfermos
2007: Tha COR - Next level of this..
2007: DJ N*Tro - Cali Smokin' Vol.1
2007: BlakkFlame - Another Day Another Dollar
2007: Tweety Loc - In Rhymes We Trust and Haters I Dust!
2007: Mercenery Records - West Coast Invasion Vol.1
2008: Bone Thugs n Harmony - Thieveland Soldierz Vol. 1
2008: Fire - American Gangsta
2008: DieNasty Records - Live Sick compalation
2008: Brookstyle - All U Can Eat Buffet
2009: Loc the Blacktopper - Ghetto Activist
2009: presents Community Service vol. 2
2009: Mixtape vol. 5
2009: Young Mass presents Best of Daygo City Compalation
2010: Crhymes - One Breath Closer
2010: P-Dubb - Da Se-fis-ti-ki-tid Gangsta Vol. 1
2010: Mixtape vol. 6
2010: Crhymes - Crhyme Payz Vol.1 Mixtape
2010: Mixtape vol. 7
2010: Presents Summer Compilation 2010
2010: Tha COR - COR Revelations: Manifesto of Madness Mixtape
2011: Mixtape's Back Vol.2 
2011: Presents: SD 2 NY Vol.1 Compilation
2011: Crhymes - Evolution of Crhymes
2012: Crhymes - Crhyme Payz Vol.2 Mixtape


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